Monday, August 17, 2009

Week of Aug. 17

Periods 2, 3, & 7 presented their Bubble Posters (which were then turned in). Periods 2 & 3 reviewed the 'Getting to know your textbook' worksheet, which I collected. Period 7 will finish that on Monday. Homework None. Enjoy the weekend!

Periods 2 & 3 finished working on the 'Getting to know your textbook' worksheet. Period 2 began presenting the Bubble Poster.
Homework Be ready to present and turn in posters tomorrow.

Checked for the Learning Styles Inventory Reflection, but did not collect. Some students needed to modify theirs to include actual strategies that would help them learn and study (to be taken from the Auditory/Visual/Tactile Learning Styles packet (received on Tuesday). We began the 'Getting to know your textbook' worksheet and will finish tomorrow in class. I showed a model of the Big Bubble Poster and explained what it should be about.

Homework Big Bubble Poster due Thursday

We continued with the multiple intelligence surveys and discovered what type of learner we are.

Homework Learning Styles Inventory Reflection. (a) What had you already known? (b) What surprised you? (c) What 2-3 things (from the strategies section) can you do to make sure you'll have a successful academic year? (Use what you learned from the Descriptions and Strategies paperwork.)

Welcome back! Today we spent time reviewing the syllabus, classroom rules and procedures, and getting to know each other. We did the youth version of the Seven Intelligences Checklist - the corresponding half-sheet was collected; students kept the original survey.

Homework is to get the paperwork signed and returned. Tomorrow we pick up the textbooks (assigned to each student).