Monday, April 18, 2011

Week of April 18

Spring Break Day - No School

Students continued with their Prezis and sent me the link.
Remember, first name and last initial only. You don't have to resent - it will update automatically.
I checked the stocks tracking sheet.
If you were absent, you'll need to have read Ch26 S1 and finished the Prezi by Monday. Remember to send me the link!!

Students continued with their Prezis. They also had time to check on their stocks.
We will have time in class tomorrow to finalize the Prezis. The link is due to me by end of class.
Remember to track your stocks!!

We read and discussed Ch26 S1: Hoover and the Crash.
In groups of two, students were to create a Prezi to answer txtbk. p. 733, #1. At least one image needs to be included, and the definitions should be in their own words. Use the textbook, not Google.
We will have time in class tomorrow and Thursday to work on the Prezi. The link is due to me by end of class on Thursday.
Remember to check your stocks this week. I will be looking at your tracking sheets on Wednesday or Thursday.

We continued with our 1920 presentations.
Create a Prezi account (for Tuesday's class work) and see what you can do with the program.