Monday, September 28, 2009

Week of Sept. 28

Simulation year: 1861. Collected Discussion Questions. Destiny Dice and Combat consequences/results to be used in tonight's journal entry (results varied by period).
Journal Entry #4

Simulation year: 1861.What Would You Do? questions completed and collected. Collected brace maps and Cornell notes from yesterday. Read and discussed Why Did They Fight? handout. Handed out Battles/Camp Life charts (to be filled in as we go).
Discussion Questions (half-sheet of paper)1 & 4, plus any TWO of #2, 3, 5, 6. In complete sentences on a separate sheet of paper.

Simulation year: 1861. Handed out yellow sheet on Cornell Note-taking Format and pink sheet explaining Thinking Maps. Read and did Cornell Notes as a class on textbook pp. 484-485 (Confederate and Union Strategies, and The Battle of Bull Run).
As discussed in class.
1. Write questions for each of the uppercase letters in the notes in the left margin. These questions should be answered by what you have in the notes column.
2. Construct one thinking map/mind map for only ONE of the uppercase letters. Put this on the right hand side of the page.
3. Write a summary at the end of your notes in complete sentences.
4. If you are a Yank, create a Brace Map (see pink sheet to help) on Abraham Lincoln; if you are Reb, create one on Jefferson Davis (see w/s).

Simulation year: 1861. Put finishing touches to contingent flags. Took notes during 1861 Interview. Read "Who Fought in the Civil War?" packet. Handed out Glossary.
Journal Entry #3. Use info from interview, packet reading, and glossary.

Simulation year: 1861. Checked Journal Entries (be sure to follow guidelines to get full points). Formed contingents and created flags to build esprit de corps.
Journal Entry #2. Use info from your identity and talk about working in your contingent to create the flag; how hard/easy it was to decide what to add; the new recruits whom you met; pull notes from the Civil War handout.