Monday, November 23, 2009

Week of Nov. 23

Thursday and Friday
No school - Thanksgiving Holiday

Students had time to work on their research paper in class.
Bring your research materials to class Monday. That will be the last day we work on it in class. Remember, it is due Fri., Dec. 4.

Graded the Civil War Test from Friday and checked Journal Entries #29 and 30.
Handed out the following parts of the research paper: Prompt, Outline, and Rubric.
Finalize researching your country. You will have time in class to work on it tomorrow; after that, you're on your own. The paper (with all parts) is due Dec. 4. See above for guidelines if you are typing your final draft (which will be much appreciated!).

If you were absent Friday, I need your Civil War Battles/Camp Life Chart.
We put Generals Lee and Grant on the hot seat at a town meeting-like interview, during which the audience members asked scripted questions.
Journal Entry #30 (our final one). Incorporate what you learned about Lee and Grant at the interview. We start the research essay in class tomorrow. Do some final info-seeking tonight...