Monday, November 9, 2009

Week of Nov. 9

Simulation year: 1865
Checked Journal Entries #26 & 27.
All periods spent some time drilling and marching. P2 and P3 read and discussed w/s on the end of the siege at Petersburg and the destruction of Richmond. P7 will read it by themselves.

Journal Entry #28, incorporating information from the marching as well as the article on Richmond. Civil War Test is next Friday, Nov. 20. Study all three study guides well. Civil War Battles/Camp Life Chart is due Nov. 20.

Simulation year: 1865
Students watched and took notes on part of a History Channel video on the key events of April 1865, many of which we have already covered in class.

Journal Entry #27.

No School - Veterans' Day

Simulation year: 1865
Checked Journal Entry #25.
Students performed the the in-class play Gen. Grant and Gen. Lee Meet Again, about the surrender at Appomatox.
Students received the third study guide for next week's test, entitled: The Civil War. Know the content and spelling of important terms.
Students also drew casualty cards. If you were unlucky enough to suffer a fatal wound, you will still continue to complete the journal entries as your home identity (bottom half of your field identity card), a relative of character, or a fellow soldier (perhaps someone from your regiment).

Journal Entry #26. Review and study all the study guides.

Simulation year: 1865
Checked Journal Entry #24.
Read and discussed an article The U.S. Civil War, the First Modern War.

Journal Entry #25; include at least four references to the innovations mentioned in the article we read.