Monday, February 15, 2010

Week of Feb. 15

Collected the thinking maps on the causes of WWI.
Viewed two video snippets on background tensions leading to WWI and the assassination of the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne.
Assassination of Franz Ferdinand w/s (crossword on the back). You are a reporter covering the visit of Archduke Franz Ferdinand to Sarajevo. Using the worksheet and your notes from the videos, design a newspaper's front page with details of the assassination.
Complete the crossword and learn terms for future test.

Science Fair Expo Day - Special Schedule

Students used the Europe Overseas handout to answer questions on the Europe Overseas Qiuz Part I. This was due at the end of the period.
Students received the WWI from A to Z handout to study.
Study terms and definitions on the A to Z handout.

Collected the TR summaries from Friday.
Read and discussed handout on The Causes of World War I.
Create a thinking map (bubble map) of the mnemonic ANIMAL (the causes) (pages 2 through 4), and briefly state why each was a factor leading to WWI. Due Friday.

Presidents' Day - No School