Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Week of Feb. 8

Collected the Lucy Stone questions, the Cornell Notes of Ch. 23 S3, and the Chapter 23 Assessment (pages 674-675).
Graded last week's Ch. 20 & 21 Test. Watched and took notes on a History Channel video on Teddy Roosevelt's part in the construction of the Panama Canal.
Write a summary of your notes.

Complete the following sections of the Chapter 23 Assessment (pages 674-675):
- Define the terms in the section Terms & Names (write the term, followed by the definition)
- Review Questions #1-10 ~ must be in complete sentences
- Critical Thinking #1 & 2 ~ must be in complete sentences
- Standards-Based Assessment #1-3
- p. 673, #2 Using Graphics
Finish questions.

Cornell Notes on textbook pp. 668-673 (Roman numeral, capital letter, number, lower case letter, dash; remember ONLY the Roman numeral goes to the left of the red margin; remember to indent slightly each time and align characters that are the same all the way down the page). Leave room for mini thinking map on the right.
Develop questions in the left margin - ONE question for EACH capital letter. The questions should be answered by what you have in the corresponding notes section.
Create ONE mini thinking map for ANY ONE capital letter (do this on the right hand side of the page). Do a summary of the entire section (what you have in the notes)at the end (one good paragraph).

Students worked on map-related activities.

P3 and 7: Collected notes and summary of Friday's video segment.
Read and acted out a play on women's rights champion Lucy Stone.
Answer the questions on the play on a separate sheet of paper. Use complete sentences and skip a line between answers.