Monday, September 27, 2010

Week of Sept. 27

No class - special Middle School schedule.

I collected the homework (Venn diagrams) and checked Journal Entry #1.
Students shared their first journal entry.
We moved into our contingents and designed flags for each one.
Journal Entry #2 - you could talk about how you and the other members of you contingent came together and began working on your flag. Include the reasons your contingent chose the name, motto, symbols, etc.
Due Monday - special schedule tomorrow.

Ms. Ronemous had a sub.
Students took Cornell Notes on Chapter 16 S1.
txtbk p. 485, #2

I collected the notes and summaries (five points learned from yesterday's video). I checked last Thursday's homework in Period 7.
Students drew names of soldiers; these will be their identity during the Civil War simulation.
We discussed journal entry requirements.
Handout: Civil War Student Guide
We read about the contingents (pp. 13-14) and then began reading from the front of the packet.
Journal Entry #1 - see guidelines above. Your first entry will introduce yourself to the rest of the class.

We watched and took notes on "Division," part of America, the Story of Us, from the History Channel.
From your notes, pick five things you learned or learned more about and write a good paragraph. Write in the third person, facts only, no personal perspective (no "I's," "you's" or "we's").