Monday, October 4, 2010

Week of Oct. 4

NOTE: As "Extra Enrichment" I will accept 3 consequences for the North and South, patterned after the Destiny Dice consequences. They have to be historically accurate and possible. Try to include a mixture of both positive and negative consequences. This is totally optional. You do not have to do it. If you do, I need them by Tuesday.

I checked Journal Entry #5.
Students took Cornell Notes on Chapter 16 Section 2 - Life in the Army. Remember that information from this chapter can also be used for journal entries.
None - enjoy your three-day weekend!

As a class, we read Why Did They Fight? Students took notes for their journal entry.
Students presented the 1861 Interview and the audience took notes for their journal entry.
Handout: Civil War Camp Life Chart and Civil War Battles w/s.
Journal Entry #4
The handout is to be filled in as we learn about various aspects of the Civil War. It is due after the war is over.

I checked Journal Entry #3.
Students used a packet to answer questions on European Reaction to Southern Secession, which they then turned in.

I checked journal entries.
Students finished their contingent flags and shared about them.
Handout: Who Fought in the Civil War?
Journal Entry #3 - anything from the Student Guide, today's handout, talking with other soldiers in your contingent, etc.