Monday, December 6, 2010

Week of Dec. 6

Early Release - Special Schedule
Work on booth tasks.

We had a bus evacuation drill to the Community Center this morning, so several classes were impacted.
I collected the Research Papers in P4 and P7.
P3 will turn them in on Monday.
P7 took the written portion of the DVSSA.
Work on booth tasks.
P3 and P4 will take the written portion of the DVSSA on Monday.
GeoBee is Monday at 1:20, so we won't have P7.

Opportunity to turn in research reports for extra points.
I showed a video about the Ninash Foundation and our sister school in Mahapura, India.
Students finalized their booth applications.
Work on booth tasks.

I collected the thinking maps.
We reviewed for and took the final Standards test.
Students then worked through a sample primary source analysis. We reviewed and discussed the answers.
I will give extra points to students who budgeted their time and are able to turn in their research reports tomorrow. Students who turn the report in on Thursday will not have it count against them.

I showed an example of a bibliography and we discussed requirements.
As a class, we read Ch 21 S3 and S4 w/s and answered the questions.
Students then had time to work in their groups on their booth projects. Those whose booths did not get my approval will need to get it done asap.
Create one thinking map for either of the worksheets.
The research report is due Dec. 8.