Monday, February 14, 2011

Week of Feb. 14

I collected the answers to questions #1-10 from the Weapons of WWI handout.
Students watched and took notes on a documentary about innovations in naval warfare during WWI [Killers of the Sea - WWI in Color].
Journal Entry #9
If you were absent Friday, research the importance of the Battle of Jutland, Gallipoli, the Lusitania, and U-boats in WWI. Write up your findings and turn in when you return (and use your finding in your journal entry).

I checked Journal Entry #8.
Handout: First World War Weapons
We read and discussed the handout. Students had time to work on the homework in class, and also time to study for the upcoming test.
Questions 1-10 in complete sentences (except for #1).

Students took notes as they watched a video on the advances in airpower during WWI [Blood in the Air - WWI in Color].
Journal Entry #8

I checked Journal Entry #7 and collected the Trenches Crossword.
Students took Cornell Notes on Chapter 24 S1 of their textbook.
Study terms, definitions, study guides, 1914 map of Europe.
First WWI test is on March 2nd or 3rd and will include a map portion.

I checked Journal Entry #6.
We read a newspaper article about the last survivor of the 1914 Christmas Truce.
Handout: The Christmas Truce letter
We read and discussed the letter.
Handout: The Trenches Crossword
Students used the two enlarged pictures from The Trenches Packet from last week to solve the crossword.
Journal Entry #6 - you have experienced the ceasefire at Christmas.