Monday, February 7, 2011

Week of Feb. 7

I checked Journal Entry #5 and collected the Over the Top w/s (if you didn't turn it in yesterday) as well as the questions from the Life in the Trenches handout.
Students watched and took notes on a video about the war in the trenches and how tanks influenced the war [Strachan ...Blockade].
Journal Entry #6 - use what you learned today from the video.

Students engaged in a another simulation of trench warfare during WWI, this time going over the top. Part of the activity included finding the definitions of terms related to WWI trench warfare.
Journal Entry #5. Trench questions are due tomorrow.

I checked Journal Entry #4 and collected the Trench Mission w/s.
Handouts: Waterlogged Trenches; Trench Food; Life in the Trenches
We read and discussed life in the trenches; many accounts were from primary sources.
From Life in the Trenches, #1, 2, and 3. Complete sentences for #2 and 3.
This assignment is due Friday (there may be time in class tomorrow to work on this).

Students engaged in a simulation of trench warfare during WWI and had to decide, as a commander, which technologies (tanks, machine guns, Zeppelins, etc.) to implement when faced with four scenarios. For each mission, students wrote down (use bullets) what worked, what did not work, what the outcome was, and what they learned (about fighting in the trenches with the technologies available to them).
I collected the worksheets.
Journal Entry #4, using information learned in today's simulation.

Cornell Notes catch-up day.
Students reviewed their notebooks and added questions and summaries where necessary.
Handout: Map of Europe 1914
Student answered the questions and labeled the map.
Finish the map w/s if necessary. Review your study guides.