Monday, October 25, 2010

Week of Oct. 25

Early Release - Special Schedule
We listened to a recording by Jeff Daniels of The Gettysburg Address.
Students then worked in pairs on a worksheet that took a closer look at the speech.
I will check Journal Entry #13 on Monday.
Journal Entry #14

I checked HW.
Students completed w/s while watching the short History Channel documentary, Civil War - the Story. We went over the answers. This w/s is one part of the study guides students will receive for the upcoming test.
Students also worked on Workbook Activity 16, which is also part of the study guide for the test. We reviewed this w/s as well.
Journal Entry #13
Civil War Test - Nov. 10

I checked Journal Entry #12.
Students read and took notes on the Chapter 17 S3 as far as (including) Vicksburg. We did not do Sherman's Total War (as that was in 1864). Homework
txtbk p. 519, #3 a & b

I checked Journal Entry #11 (except P7).
Students watched and took notes on the History Channel video: Secret Soldiers of the Civil War.
Journal Entry #12

I checked Journal Entry #10.
Students drew casualty cards to incorporate into their journal entries.
We sang "Goober Peas" to boost morale, and then engaged in combat.
Journal Entry #11