Monday, January 24, 2011

Week of Jan. 24

We read and discussed pp. 6-10 of The Causes of World War I packet (with the map in front): The Growing Crises and Four Steps to War. June - Aug. 1914
Handout: World War I - A to Z (study guide).
We highlighted the terms that will be on a future test.
Handout: Nicknames for soldiers during The Great War / German-French-British-Russian names for use in the journal entries.
Newspaper front page on the death of Franz Ferdinand due Monday.
Journal Entry #1, due Monday. See WWI Journal Entry Guidelines above the lessons for details.

I checked the homework. Keep the crossword for a study guide.
We watched a couple of video segments about the lead-up to the assassination of Franz Ferdinand. Students took notes.
Using the assassination w/s from yesterday and your notes from today, produce a newspaper front page on the death of Franz Ferdinand. Your articles should give a detailed account of the assassination and the reasons for this action being taken by the Black Hand. Due Monday.
If you'd like to try something different, create your newspaper front page using Microsoft Publisher or letterPOP. If using letterPOP (which is free), please be aware of this part of the Terms and Conditions: "Users under 13 years of age are required to have a parent or guardian review and complete the registration process."

We went over the homework. I did not collect.
Handout: Assassination of Franz Ferdinand.
We read and discussed the handout. Most students had time to finish their homework.
Complete the crossword on the back and use as a study guide for upcoming tests.

We went over the homework questions before students turned them in.
Handout: The Causes of WWI packet (map of 1914 Europe on the front)
We read and discussed pp. 2-4.
Create a bubble map around the mnemonic ANIMAL. Each spoke should represent one of the letters (one of the causes) of WWI. Add 3 bullet points about each cause.
Keep EVERYTHING from now on that deals with WWI - consider everything a study guide, something you will need to know for a test.

I collected the homework.
We read and discussed the Long and Short Term Causes of WWI (handout).
On a separate sheet of paper, answer the six questions at the end of the handout. Use complete sentences, and skip a line between answers.

From now on, keep EVERYTHING dealing with World War I and the lead-up to it.