Monday, January 31, 2011

Week of Jan. 31

I checked Journal Entry #3.
Handout: Causes of WWI: Gap Fill Exercise (one page, 2 sides)
Students used the completed packet from yesterday along with the packet with the map of Europe 1914 on the front to fill in the worksheet.
Most students had time to begin Causes of WWI Crossword.
Finish the crossword for Monday.

In the computer lab, students worked through a simulation of whether Germany was to blame for WWI.
Handout: Causes of WWI: Gap Fill Exercise (4 pages, stapled)
Students then went through the simulation again, this time filling in the blanks with the correct answers (found as they worked through the simulation).
Most students completed the packet and had time for the Age of Imperialism game.
If you did NOT finish the packet, be sure to have it done by tomorrow. You will need it for class.
I will check Journal Entry #3 (which was due today) tomorrow.

No school for students - staff development

I checked and we shared journal entries.
We read an article on the Schlieffen Plan, then watched two video segments on the beginning of the war and the invasion of Belgium by Germen troops [Strachan To Arms 34:44-end (50:00) and Under the Eagle 0:00-12:40]. Students took notes for use in journal entries.
Journal Entry #3.

I collected the newspapers.
We shared and I graded the journal entries.
Handout: Europe in 1914
We discussed the resources of the main countries that would take part in the war.
In small groups, students read about a particular country and then shared what they had learned with the rest of the class.
Journal Entry #2.